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[ENGLISH] Summary 26S – Surround Congress – Madrid, Spain.

I do not know how much the situation in Spain is being covered in the rest of the world, so I will do my best to help.From 26S I found this video is interesting:


The 25th of September a demonstration was organized to ask for rights and changes. It was called ‘Rodea el congreso’ – Surround Congress. Some undesirable consequences came from a group of hooded persons who were holding red flags. They provoked the police by hitting them with those flags although the crowd disliked and disagreed their behaviour. Their banner was revelled as a cover to hide their home-made shields. Later they were exposed as undercover police agents.

Yes, it happened. It is the biggest stupidity from the government and from the police corps. In order for the government to have a reason for stopping the demonstrations, some undercover agents were among the demonstrators and pretended to fluster the police… Agents fighting agents. And no police agent was able to say to the politicians something like ‘I won’t be among pacific citizens to provoke them by playing a shame. Then you do it yourselves’

Anyway… After that sadly hilarious show, citizens decided to come back the day after, and so here it is a graphic summary by Juan R. Robles González (please, find links to his profiles at the bottom).

Let’s go throughout the video then

26S Plaza de Cánovas del Castillo, Madrid, Spain. [There is a fountain with a sculpture of Neptune. Spaniards refer to the location as Neptuno]

00.00 Protestants come again to Plaza de Cánovas del Castillo. They ask for those who were arrested the day before during 25S demonstration to be set free, by singing ‘Detenidos, libertad’ –Freedom for the arrested ones.

00.26 They show their empty hand palms and sing ‘Estas son nuestras armas’ –these are our weapons. They cheer, whistle, and clap their hands.

00.42 Police put their helmets on.

00.46 A couple show pictures of a relative of theirs who was injured the day before –25S demonstration. People is singing ‘Los encapuchados son la policía’ –Those hooded ones are the police.

00.56 A demonstration organized by CGT (Job General Confederation) converges on Neptuno. They are singing ‘Detenidos, libertad’. Once they are set in Neptuno, they rise they hands an chorus  ‘Estas son nuestras armas’.

01.20 A group of hooded ones appears. Due to the experience the day before -25S Round Congress– crowd is aware and people boo them. Reporters take photos.

01.45 Hooded people leave and the crowd comes again to sing ‘Detenidos, libertad’ –Freedom for the arrested ones.

01.56 More hooded people are found out and so booed.

02.08 They leave under whistles of disapproval and people singing ‘Fuera’ -Get out.

02.13 People are waiting for any politician to come out from the Congress. A guy tells the cameraman that the police is moving forward, he assumes they do it to start the crush like the day before. He notice there are few demonstrators right there and assumes people around will join them soon.

02.31 A couple are kissing right in front of riot police. This is their way to encourage and give energy to the demonstrators. The crowd approve their initiative by cheering them up. She is Polish, he is German. They are in Spain just in order to join the meeting before the Congress the 25th of September, the day before.

02.57 Few people talk to the police to let them know how unhappy they feel about the last quarrels. One of them is showing his ID card while saying how happy every police agent will go home if they hit another demonstrator up to get them disabled as it was said it happened the day before [I haven’t confirmed yet]

03.13 There is not a lot of people staying now, so the police come to move them away, but some of those persons decide to stay. Police ask for ID cards and try to get them all together.

03.41 Crowd sit down on the street floor and start singing ‘Estas son nuestras armas’, empty hands high up.

03.48 Shoves for everybody, including reporters.

03.56 A guy is being taken, he says ‘I did nothing’ he is taken to the van ‘I don´t have my ID card’ he looks scared, maybe confused. Then a hockey stick appears from nowhere and it is seized.

04.37 Police is moving now. Some people insult them or incite them to leave the truncheon.

05.01 Shoots

05.18 Few guys appear running and shouting ‘¡Cobardes!’ –Cowards! Far away also can hear ‘Asesinos’ – Assassins

06.10 There is an arrested one. Nobody is allow to approach. Reporters are asked to go further. Shoots are heard not so far away.

07.09 Few people throw stuff and provoke the police

07.16 Few people try to block the access for the police vans.

08.11 While running about the streets, the reporter says incredulous ‘The policeman has just dropped his gun’.

08.17 He says he has had enough. However, he is still working.

—.— Eventually, a note: ‘I could not keep going due to my hand and my camera were hit when I passed running close to a police van and its door was suddenly open. It was just an accident’.

He explains apart that the policeman who opened the door apologized and was kind.


Thanks for being there and for sharing. Thank you so much for your implication, Juan 🙂

You can find the reporter Juan Robles on Twitter:  juanramajete and Youtube: juanravideonews



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